Machine Shops

What will this do for your machine shop?

New way to look at minimizing bacterial growth in CNC coolant tanks. By adding Fast Silver Bullet to existing coolant there are no adverse effects in cutting capabilities or surface finish quality. No more smelly clothes or coolant tanks.

  • Eliminates foul offensive odors and smells in shops.
  • Extends coolant life/cut’s coolant costs.
  • Prevents health issues caused by bacteria such as dermatitis and respiratory irritation.
  • compatible with all major water-based metal working fluids.

Average cost savings per machine:

  1. 4 hrs. drain, clean, fill coolant tank
  2. $200 average coolant cost. (Average life is 6 months)
  3. $350 disposal fee.
  4. Lost production time for cleaning (Estimated minimum is 4 hrs.)

Total = $1,200 Estimated savings every 6 months per machine

Test our product with our Test Kits

If you received our test kit, here are the instructions so you can smell the difference.

Step 1. Fill up 32oz container with coolant from your CNC.

Step 2. Pour the 2oz of Fast Silver Bullet in the 32oz container of coolant.

Step 3. Put lid on jar then shake vigorously.

Step 4. Open and smell the results!

In many metalworking shops, the useful life of coolant is cut short by offensive odors. When the smell gets too bad, a common method of dealing with the issue is to dump the coolant and replace it with new.

Generally, the smell of the coolant becomes offensive long before the coolant ceases to be effective. Shops are wasting money by dumping the coolant sump because of rancidity before the coolant needs replacement for performance reasons.

Compounding the costs associated with wasting good coolant are the disposal costs of getting rid of it. Increasing the useful life of the coolant has a direct savings on the cost of manufacturing by reducing the purchase cost of the coolant itself and reducing the fees associated with coolant disposal.