Case Studies

Coolant Case Study 4/24/2023

This is a case study on adding Fast Silver Bullet to some coolant. Please refer to the below document, Coolant Evaluation Report 1. Starting in the sample results column, notice the numbers next to Bacteria and Fungus. These numbers are in parts per million and are before adding the Fast Silver Bullet. These numbers are very high bordering on toxic and very unhealthy for employees and not good to be around. A Coolant company recommends to complete a flush and cleaning of the machine. After this the silver bullet was added. 1 gallon per 80 gallons in the tank.

The machine ran for 2 hours and another sample was pulled and sent for testing.  2 hours can be a long time to wait, but we actually have seen results with reference to smell in 15 to 30 minutes. When a machine has a bad bacteria problem it forms a sticky substance on the inside of the machine that is very hard to clean.  This was also not present after adding the Fast Silver Bullet. You can see in the Coolant Evaluation Report 2 document that the numbers for the bacteria and for the Fungus are zero.

When doing this test we were figuring some bacteria would still be there but the Fast Silver Bullet killed it all. 

Before adding the Fast Silver Bullet

After adding the Fast Silver Bullet